Camera view closed IF

2 hours into a 8 hour flight, I was scrolling thru camera views, and when I went to the one on the right, (tower/atc), the app shut down and displayed the opening screen.
Info: casual server, iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.6, ram was not the cause- I checked ram monitor imed, it was 25% avail.
Reopened IF,
logbook shows no data of a 2 hour flight.
Bottom Line- I won’t do THAT again.

I advise to not move the camera around a bunch. Moving the camera around a lot is known to cause the app to crash.

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Where were you in the flight? Like location?

Your flight may not show in the flight log but you should have xp and flight time up to the last sync point. No real way to know 100% unless you had numbers prior though.

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KHNL>CONUS. B777. Time set to sunset.
Basically middle of nowhere.

If you were far away from a airport, the game tries to find the closest airport, which isn’t in a area capable of showing your plane. Thus, the game crashes. I worded that wrong, just trying to help, so if that didn’t make sense, someone else can help. :)


Also, the flight wasn’t in the log boom because of the app just closes without ending a flight, it just doesn’t save. Lesson learned!

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Thx much. Mods can close.

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