Camera view bug

I was flying from KSFO to EGLL in expert server, i always use captain view but when i was on final at EGLL i decided to change to lock view to look around. After that i changed back to captain view, but for some reason it didnt load the cockpit. It looks like a captain (no vc) view. Its kind of annoying but i can still fly well with the lock view. But when i change to lock view i cant controll the camera heading, instead it kept zooming out. So then i change to first officer but the gpws call outs didnt work. The thing is i flew 9-10 hours fine and i didnt so anything different with the settings

Was it an aircraft with a live flight deck?

Is that relevant to his problem?

@Reno_Agasthya After you ended your flight, did you restart your device and faced the issue again?

Very relevant. The post seems to be reporting an in game issue/bug, part of which directly applies to the aircraft in use. Without some key details about what was going on when the issue occurred, they can’t identify or fix it.

This can happen from time to time. I have found that changing it to another camera view and then back will reset it. On rare occasions, I had to change views multiple times.

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Im very sorry, i was busy and unable to reply. The aircraft i was using was an a350-900 and yes, it had a live cockpit

@Georgios_P i flew on solo mode, it works fine. But i havent tried online mode yet

@Chris_S i did everything that might solve the problem. But still, it didnt work. Also i forgot to add 1 more bug, when i was about to touch down the shadow didnt load

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