Camera under £230 for my cousin.

Hello my cousin is looking into a camera for aviation and asked for my help he wants and a decent zoom and his budget is £200-£230. I am thinking about this camera

Feel free to leave suggestions on what cameras you think are good for my cousin. Thanks.

Although the Canon SX410 is a superb camera in my opinion,if you’re a beginner a reccomend the Nikon Coolpix B500. The zoom is great,it’s easy to use,andthe price isn’t too expensive. I use it whenever I go spotting.

Thank you.

Your cousin can start with an older DSLR as well. With bridge cameras unfortunately the higher the zoom the more likely you’ll also need a stand to take clear pictures. I’ve had a Panasonic FZ72 and at maximum zoom I wasn’t really able to take any good pics from hand without a tripod. Probably it was my fault… :D

Take into account that if a bridge camera like the above mentioned Canon gets accidentally dropped, you’ll more likely have to waive it goodbye. With DSLR, you might get away by getting a new used lens.

These cameras normally come with 18-55mm lens as standard. That’s around 2x, max 3x zoom.
With used lenses, you can get some wide angle or zoom lenses in the price mentioned leaving the whole set more usable during different scenarios. We are talking about used stuff. It is not bad as a start and it would also help your cousin with learning photography. Harder this way, but more beneficial in the long term (my wife has been given a DSLR and she is getting better day by day. loads of research, trial and error, etc…)

Are you in the UK? (assuming from the £ symbol)

Visit stores such as Cash Converter, Cash Generator (these first) and CEX (last resort). They normally have used DSLR cameras cheap.

I’ve bought a Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm lens, extra battery, charger, case, 2 filters for £150. After that we added a Tarom 70-300 lens (I think), which has better zoom obviously. Still not reached £300. And at least this is a DSLR, not a bridge/compact. No offence though. :)

Thanks however he is leaning towards this camera

do you know if it’s any good for aviation.

Have a look at this.

I’ve had the FZ72 myself. It was a really good machine. We have sold it as we haven’t used it that much, not because it was bad.

For aviation, anything is good really. 😂

The FZ82 gives you the option to be far far away and zoom in without sacrificing quality. But the higher the zoom you use the more likely you need to have either ‘brain surgeon steady’ hands or a tripod. 😂

Also, don’t forget to buy proper sd card, not a microsd with an adapter, and make sure it’s high speed, so at least class 10, so you won’t get issues with 4K recording. Something like [this](SanDisk Ultra SDHC Memory Card Up to 80 MB/s, Class 10, U1, 32 GB, Black/Grey

I’ll try to find some pics on my laptop in a sec…

Thank you.

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These are all without a stand or tripod.

The plane was hard as I had to follow it while on maximum zoom hence it is not clear at all. The moon stopped by for a picture, so it wasn’t that hard to get it right! :D This is for the FZ72. So the FZ82 should be fine!


Thanks you for your help

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