Camera Suggestions?

Hi! Just wondering what cameras you would suggest for a spotter! I use my gopro mainly for in flight videos and time lapse. I’m interested in getting some good stills!

I recommend DSLR

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No point and shoots. Sure, P&S are cheap but not all have great zoom.

Like Captain Dan said, DSLR is the way to go. I’m a Nikon guy so I look at their lineup, but Canon cameras are also good quality.


Cool! Which Nikon would you recommend? I’m honestly clueless at this stuff :)

I’m not in the know so much with cameras anymore. Mine is a 9 year old D40X and I doubt that you’d want to purchase one of those second hand LOL. It’s a good camera, but newer ones are far superior.

I’ve heard good stuff about this model, but I’ve never taken a photo using it so I cannot guarantee:

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Thank You :)

I have seen some good bridge cameras. They really good zoom and the quality is ok when they are at full zoom which is around x35.

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I recommend the Nikon D3200 or anything higher like the 3500 or 5000. I have the D3200 and if you buy a 55-300mm lens it can take good clear pictures.

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Thank You!

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If you have the money, the Mirrorless cameras are also good, and the Sony ones are also 4K.

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My new camera, a Canon EOS 1200D is arriving tomorrow. It’s sharp, fast and pretty cheap. Any camera can work, as long as you can get the appropriate lens for it.

Canon is slightly faster than Nikon so I went for that because that split second might make all the difference.

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It all depends on what you’re looking for and how much you have to spend.

One thing I’ve learned, the hard way, is that you need a really good auto focus system with a lot of cross-type points.

Nikon is better than Canon when you compare AF systems.
Canon is weird. There are cameras with almost perfect image quality but with bad AF systems. Perfect for studio work but almost useless with moving objects.
Canon’s camera with the best AF system so far has a lesser image quality.
Go figure!
There’s no good choice there.

Nikon seems to have the best of both.

Sony’s cameras are pretty good but lack the pro body and weather seal.
Sony does have newer technology but it’s partly hyped as well.

There are many sites with tests and reviews. Do a lot of research.
Take your time.

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Perfect Thank You! Let me know how you find it :)

Thank You! :)

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