Camera suggestions

I’m thinking of going to the airports in a few hours and taking some photos just to relax, do you recommend some good camera for aircraft photos?

I do not know much about cameras 😬


how much is your budget? For beginners i would say canon 1300d with 75-300mm lens… Its a decent gear for you

it looks like a good camera, I still do not have a budget I’ll analyze the people’s suggestions and see which camera would look better

I really liked the images thanks for the suggestion

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Someone made a topic about this some time ago. Make sure to check it out, maybe you will find a good one there! :)

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I like that ryanair 737 shot…

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I think you should have a budget for cameras, because if you dont have the budget,it would be difficult to recommend you a camera… anyway, the most important thing for a planespotter to have is a telephoto lens… if you want to buy canon, 75-300 mm is a good choice, if you want to buy sony, 24-240 mm lens is a good choice…

There’s a good list of equipment here:

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T6, with a 75-300mm lens.

so I had not seen this topic yet I’m going to look it must have very good cameras there

then more is difficult because if I give a budget would have to give in dollar only that this is not my currency understands I live in another country, thank you for the suggestions

Thank you for the list, I’ll check it out.


Nikon P5-10 It’s a great camera for spotters.

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I use a Nikon D5100 with a 55-300mm lens. Pretty good for starting out. Although I personally would get either the D5300 or the D5600 and a 70-300mm lens.

Some sample shots for you


The last pic, is it air canada’s 737 Max?

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Yes it most certainly is

I use the Canon 200D. It’s an amazing camera for spotting here’s some pictures I got with it.

I got 2 lenses with it:

  • 18-55mm
  • 75-300mm (Use this one for far away pics)


  • 24 Megapixels
  • 1080p 60Fps Video
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth (Transferring pics to your phone via the Canon app)
  • NFC (Transferring pics to your phone via the Canon app)
  • Responsive & foldable High Quality touchscreen
  • Many different and customisable filters
  • Microphone jack and HDMI port
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I can see that the 75-300 is popular, but it isn’t the best quality lens. The autofocus is slow, and the image quality isn’t the best. But for a budget, it should be fine. I’d recommend the 55-250mm IS STM. Exceptionally better image quality with fast and silent autofocus.

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I recommend the Nikon L315 is very good, I use it and never gave me problem, to take some beautiful photos !!! If you want to see my photos go in my instagram @spotter_ws if you buy together a telephoto lens is necessary to take a few more from afar !!

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