Camera stuck to one place

As the title says thats my problem. My problem is i cant move any camera. (Outside,cockpit).
the only thing moves is the zoom function. it only zooms/zooms out my camera but the camera itself is not moving


Try double tapping anywhere on your screen that isn’t the replay bar.

Already did it but it didnt work

Is this in replay or live?

on Live. it happened after i didnt touched my device for more than 20 mins

Is the camera stuck and zoomed in a lot? Like overly zoomed in?

I also have same problem.It happen when take off and landing.

Perhaps your settings are too high? Otherwise, I do not know what the problem here is, this seems very new to me

I have had this issue before, try to keep taping your camera, If that does not work I am afraid (if you are currently flying) you must restart your simulator. Try that then let us know :)

Ah yes! I have this problem alot. Luckily it happens to me on the ground, and I’m able to reload the flight without losing significant progress. All I can reccomend doing is leaving it for a little while and coming back and see if it works. Sometimes the camera freezes if your phone/tablet is low on power, plugging it in often gets rid of any lag or camera issues

Are you using any third party apps for your flight? This has happened to me whilst using IF assistance.

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Sorry for the late response; no, i did not use 3rd party apps. stopped using them.

(also, if you asked what 3rd party app is that, its In-flight assistant)

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@MissRosa is it all fixed now?

Yeah, it did when i quit the flight (rip xp). but its fixed now.

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Yes, as I said. You must restart the sim. It is sad it does do that. A shame you had to restart your flight :(

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Yeah, from expected 5k+ xp to 300 xp.

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It happened to me in third person, but I just used the other one. (I forgot what they are called) My advice is Use a different camera if that happens. Like if the cockpit cam is stuck, use the one with no cockpit showing or use the HUD.

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Similarly what happened to mine but the problem is, both the cockpit and the exterior camera stucked on one place.

Dont worry, its fixed.

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aight that never happened to me before.

So yeah I don’t know of any other way besides restarting so ignore the previous comment🙃

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Or quitting the flight works for me