Camera should move back when taking off.

Ok this is a minor feature but it will make infinite flight more realistic. You know when the pilot applies 50% power, or the abouts, you jerk backwards a little bit and then when he applies take off power you jerk a lot. I think we should include this motion into the flight simulator. Maybe the camera could move backwards or something. I know this is implemented in some of the aircraft but really they should be included in all.


i like this idea, i think in-flight assistant (a third party app) has something like this but i am not 100% sure


Yes this sounds like a nice idea however it would not be on FDS’s priority list since its just a camera adjustment.

IF-A has Shaky Cam.
That feature makes the two cockpit views move during takeoff and landing to simulate touchdown and runway vibration.

The app offers many other features which take the realism of IF to the next level.

I absolutely never ever fly without IF-A! 😉