Camera Shake

I’ve noticed that most reasonably new aircraft in IF have a shake effect upon touchdown. The camera drops slightly as to simulate the ‘bump’. This is quite a cool effect and I really liked it. Is there any reason why the new 787 doesn’t have this effect? Just curious! 👍🏻

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The 787 doesn’t have this because it’s a bug. It’s on older aircraft not the new 787’s. The bug is a known issue.

I thought it was on purpose - it varies with the smoothness of the landing!
Do you have a link? Thanks anyway.

Wow, it is a cool big. It is in the 777

This is know as the floating point bug. It causes the aircraft to shake. The further you go from your origin position the worst it gets.

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If you read more carefully, you’ll realize it’s not what he’s referring to. :)


What bug…?

To clear things up, I don’t mean the bug that @British-Airways is talking about, I mean, (Like EzDok in FSX) the camera shakes upon touchdown and only upon touchdown, like it simulates the roughness. If you touchdown hard, it is more pronounced. Do a hard landing in a 747-400 and it is very obvious.
I am just asking out of mere curiosity - I find it useful and I would like to see it in new aircraft.


Can you see this bug on reply?

Yup, but I don’t think it’s a bug. :)

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Okay, thanks. I will check it out!

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