Camera shake during turbulence on the CRJ series

It would be really cool on aircraft with cabins (the crj series) to have the camera shake during turbulence and shake more with more turbulence.

This would be pretty cool but sort of redundant for me as I use the manual turbulence feature (i.e. shaking my phone up and down to simulate the real world experience). Works like a charm! You can also sit in a rocking chair for an even better experience.


Lol (Word limit thingy)

Hahaha lol.

Once lost control in severe turbulence, I had to throw my phone across the room to get the desired effect :/


Then there was that time when I ran out of fuel… I had to ditch, so I flushed my phone down the toilet. Geez, I’ve gone through a lot of phones, wonder why?


Haha, now that’s funny!

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AV geek spotted


This was funny but can we get back on topic so this doesn’t get closed.

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