Camera Sensitivity Glitch

My camera is way too sensitive and I’ve tryed everything to stop this please help!!

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Have you tried going into settings and going to sensitivity?

A video or phot would really help us out here. In addition, can you also tell us your device, OS and give. A more accurate description of what is occurring?


Yes I’ve tryed everything

In the settings there is a option to reduce sensitivity, not sure if it’s for the camera though.

My device is a Android 6.0 Bush Spira B2 8

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What I move my camera very slightly it moves as if you have swiped your finger across the screen

It only changes flight controls

Same here. Same issue but does not happen all of the time

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I have a like problem ;(

Is this in the cockpit view or another one? Please be specific as they all have different sensitivities.

Yep view interior but view external is good

That’s normal, you do know you can double tap to restore the angle right?

Yep i’m know…

So it’s over sensitive, how long has it been like that?

Since I made updated

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Have you tried reinstalling the app?

To reinstall the application is useless

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Have you tried a reinstall?

The same thing happened to me, but I guess I have to get used to it.

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