Camera Movement

Can you turn off the camera movement while take off and touch down. when ever the plane drifts to one side and I correct it the camera moves are disgusting. don’t like that at all.

What camera movements don’t you like? I might know what ur talking about, but unsure.

I think this feature cannot be deactivated as of now…
I have already checked all settings and didn’t find anything.

When you change the camera, slide up to the “locked” camera view.

I agree, there should be a way to basically turn down those effects because when you need to use quite a bit of rudder on landing or takeoff (cough cough 757) the head movements are quite dramatic.


I believe he means the cockpit view not outside/normal view

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When you get to higher speed at take off or when you touch down sometimes you have to correct the planes direction with the ruder. When you correct it there is this weird camera movement that’s pitching left and right depending if you correct to the left or right side.

hmm maybe they bring an option to turn that movement off

Yeah, but what camera position specifically? Ex. Normal, Captain/Cockpit, etc

able to do that in cockpit pilot side view?

yeah it’s heavy on the 757 that’s why asked. I really hope they bring an option for that. or at least turn it down a good bit

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