"Camera Lock" Button in Systems Menu

Apologies to those who will likely tell me this feature request is a duplicate. I had considered mentioning this in one of the previous threads, however, some were already closed and others have taken a different approach to the problem we have all been experiencing.

Many of us enjoy flying the approach/landing in cockpit view for realism, and I know that we’ve all had the issue where we go to adjust something on the autopilot or go to hit the rudder during a crosswind or reach to pull back on the throttle, only to have the view of the cockpit shoot off in a random direction because our thumb missed the button.

I’ve seen a number of proposed solutions to this problem: dedicated locked cockpit views, panning “dead-zones” around the buttons, double finger taps to lock etc. But I think to solution to this problem could be a lot simpler and that’s why I’ve started a new thread to propose this feature.

I think it would be useful to have a “Camera Lock” button within the Systems Menu. This way, when on final approach I could physically lock the camera and not worry about accidentally panning the camera when clicking/sliding buttons. This Lock button would also allow people who like their camera zoomed in a bit on landing to set/lock their view. In fact, this lock button could apply to any of the camera views in the game, if there were other views people wanted the lock feature for!

From what I’ve seen in the Features topics, this solution may be able to check off a number of feature requests, hence why I thought it necessary to have its own topic. Hopefully this is a feature the staff will consider implementing. Vote if you agree!

Here’s a picture of what I mean. Notice the Camera Lock button next to FPV:

I know there’s a way to link my request here. But this may be the easiest solution for the devs to implement.

One thing is people will need to add to their takeoff/landing checklists because some likely use the view pan on visual approaches.

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You got my vote here . There is nothing more annoying than when I land and the view gets all over the place . Very well said you took the words of out my mouth. I am extremely picky about what I vote for and you got my vote buddy on this one !


Thanks for your support, Jack

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No problem thanks for addressing this feature goodness we need it !

Great idea and I have had it happen numerous times.

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When I’am on final and I need to use the rudder, the second when I want to do it, ALL the cockpit camera moves …this makes me Sick for real !!

I really need to lock it to an anlge for the entire flight or for a certain moment of my flight, please !

hopefully, someone has though about that feature

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Are you saying this because you move the camera and it’s not in the right place? If so, you can reset the camera position by double tapping the screen. But i understand what u r saying with a camera lock mode.

I also would like they remove this action “double tap to reset”

when I want to set my aircraft to neutral ( I mean flaps up, trim to 0%, VS to 0ft, etc) , it’s frustrating

I don’t want that happended anymore

Never thought of this. I think this would be helpful.

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This happened to me for the first time today. Touchdown with gusty crosswind, using rudder to hold centerline, then suddenly I’m looking at the plane from the outside and the plane goes off the runway…

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