Camera location on the A320 family

Operating system:

Hello Devs… You all are doing a lovely job at improving the game and making it more interactive…

One thing I noticed and gets a little annoying is the camera location on the a320 family airplanes. The camera is too Far from the displays, and the displays are quite small.

So a suggestion to you would be to make the displays a bit larger and to take the cameras a little ahead … on both the F/O and Captain’s side.

Thank you!!!


Changing the size of instruments in cockpit would deviate it from real life.
A much better feature to have would be to adjust the cockpit camera position front/back, up/down just like pilots adjust seat.

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You have the interior drone cam for that.

Interior drone cam isn’t an alternate for seat adjustment in cockpit view.

It has two important issues compared to cockpit view:

  1. Lacks Double tap to come back to center feature
  2. Pan around and zoom works only on right half of screen

I am aware of those issues but if you’re really desperate for “better” cockpit views it is your only option.

I just zoom in. Solves the problem

And it depends on your device, the smaller the screen the smaller the instrument look. Based on me playing on my phone and an ipad

I agree, sometimes it’s hard to look at the speed…

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