Camera Jitters out when i press globe or atc icon.

Recently ive been experiencing issues when i press the globe or atc icon as it moves my camera in a jittering action. also, when i move my camera horizontally,it zooms in. This is a big issue, as if in IFATC coverage i could possibly be unable respond to ATC instructions, resulting in a ghost. For now, im not flying in any spaces where it could be active due to this issue to avoid ghosting. Also, this tends to happen when there is other players within close proximity,
Thanks For Reading.

Can you provide a video of what you are seeing?

What all have you tried to fix it? Reboot/reinstall/ etc?

What device are you on?

im on an iphone 6, i have reinstalled and rebooted, along with putting on low graphics.
i could get a video but it only tends to happen on multiplayer.

Well even if it’s only on multiplayer
Send a video
That will lead to a solution probably

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Try reinstalling it again another reinstall might solve the problem

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that wont be necessary, managed to sort it. Thanks

Can you share what you did in case others have the same issue?

With the zooming in bug you were referencing… Does this occur after you had accidentally fixed onto a specific aircraft or point at the airport? Or was this just every time you moved the camera diagonally?

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It happened in busy areas, and it just happened any time; i didnt fix on any point

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i reckon it was a storage issue, i deleted all my aircraft. seems to be better now

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Okay, that’s all I wanted to know. Thanks for the fast response!

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