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Currently using a Nikon D40, with a 55-200 lense. When I try to take a picture, it’s always blurry and won’t focus. Does anyone know how to help?

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Hello this belongs in #real-world-aviation:spotting i Believe if any were

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Wait till @AndrewWu shows up lol. If he can’t help you then you’re screwed 😂

Tbh since this is an infinite flight/aviation community and not a camera one this may get closed. If it does I’ll send you a pm and try to help out.

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I’ll get the easy stuff out of the way though, you are in auto focus mode right?

Did you make sure that you’re using Auto-Focus mode?

Hey there! I have almost the exact same camera/lens combo (I have the D40X), and the 55-200 lens. First off, are you using auto or manual lens focus? That may be the difference. Also, what camera mode are you in? I can help in locating them if needed. If you need more finite details (like apeture, ISO, and shuttering speed, etc.) I can help as well.

Can you specify what “won’t focus” means? When you half-hold the shutter, what happens?

  1. Nothing
  2. The camera is trying to acquire focus but can’t
  3. The camera can acquire focus but it’s still blurry

If you press on the shutter lightly and nothing happens, either your lens is cake or you have manual focus switched on.

If you press and the camera tries to focus unsuccessfully, there are multiple scenarios:

It’s too dark or too bright
Not enough contrast
Subject is too small or far away
Subject is too close

Last scenario i can think of is you banged the lens and it has a focus ring error. To check if this is the case, switch the lens to manual focus and gently twist the focus ring slowly and steadily. If you feel resistance or hear abnormal noises, your lens may have received a bang or have sand in it, and you need it fixed by a professional.

Like when I try to take pics it’s just blurry and won’t change (thx for all the help everyone)

Currently set on manual, but whenever I change it (auto), it doesn’t change to quality


Do you know your settings (like ISO, apeture, shutter speed), and are you sure it’s set to automatic lens focus? I think you also might not have the right settings if you do have automatic lens focus. Could you show me your shooting menu and your custom setting menu?

The issue has been resolved, this can now be closed.

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