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Hello, I need help with my cameras setting for plane spotting. I have a canon eos rebel T7 with a 75-300mm lens, I also looked at the topic for photography and it helped a little but It didn’t help my camera. I would like to take nice pictures with it so any help is appreciated!

Below I have attached some photos from a trip to Los Angeles I took. Can someone please tell me what I need to fix? thank you.


Hey there, i suggest putting this topic under #real-world-aviation. I’m sure a spotter would be happy to help you. More about the category below:

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I don’t see that option here?

And thank you!

If you click the pencil icon on the top right hand side, you can change the category to #real-world-aviation by searching for it if you can’t find it. Alternatively, you can wait for TL3 or above to change it:)

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Ok, I will try

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What settings were you using for these shots?

As seeing your TL0, you can’t change it unfourtunately. You can wait for someone to and recieve help for the meantime:D

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I think it was
F/8.0 1/250 ISO 100

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Ok thank you very much!

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The OP cannot move this to #real-world-aviation as that category requires moderator approval. TL3 are not supposed to move it, either. The OP would need to wait for a moderator or admin to change it.

However, moving it to #real-world-aviation:spotting is within the realm of possibilities.


I think if you had a bit of a higher shutter speed they would come out a little better.

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could just move it to spotting…

I moved this to #real-world-aviation:spotting since the topics that are posted their don’t need approval

Thank you for the suggestion I will take note of that!

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Thank you!

This is a thread I used myself only a few days ago, it’s perhaps the most in depth and detailed thread I’ve ever seen. You might be able to find something interesting by giving it a read through


I can go through it again in case there is something I missed, I will take notes on everything! Thank you

Give this topic a look, it covers most of the basics in both shooting and post-processing: A Complete Guide To Aviation Photography [2020]
As for your settings here, I’d suggest lowering the exposure time to at least 1/400, as planes are pretty fast. Also, I haven’t ever used F8 for spotting, only went to as far as F6.3 and that was because of the lens. Seeing as you have a cropped sensor, every extra bit of light you can get you need to get, and lowering it to the minimum your lens can achieve on maximum zoom can give you headroom to either reduce ISO for less grain or reducing the exposure time for less motion blur.


Thank you for the tip! I will keep that in mind!

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Thank you everyone as well for the help, I will take notes and hopefully my images come out better! See you in the Sky!