No worries! If you give me an arrival time I can try to be online in some capacity around then if you have other questions.

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supposed to arrive at around 5:30-5:40pm. sunset is at 5:05, so i don’t think I will need quite all of that. if you recommend different settings for when it isn’t fully dark, then I would appreciate it!

30 minutes after sunset, I wouldn’t change anything. The auto ISO will choose a lower value and you’ll have a cleaner image but I’d expect it to be pretty high especially if it’s overcast. If it gets in really really early (like earlier than 5 minutes after sunset) then you can maybe consider going 1/100 or something but honestly if you’re hitting 1/60s fine just stick with it.

This photo is about 23 minutes after sunset and it is f/5.6 1/13 ISO1250 which is roughly the equivalent of f/5.6 1/60 ISO6400. 6400 on a crop sensor won’t look good, but it is probably within the fixable range.


so auto iso, 1/100 and f/6 would be good 30 mins after sunset?

Stick with 1/60 unless you find that you really can’t hit it. Some people are better at panning than others. Just get there early (even if it’s before sunset that’s fine), and see what kind of shutter speeds you can hit. Also dial in -1 stop exposure compensation, 1 stop is usually very fixable in editing and it will cut your ISO in half. Also, don’t lock f/6. Set your lens to 150mm and put it to f/5. As you zoom in, it will eventually go to 6.3 but you may get a shot where you’re zoomed out enough for 5 or 5.6 and then you’ve added some light.

I won’t really have any reason to do panning, because I will not have no background light or light on the ground, but 1/60 sounds good!

Even if you have no light it’s still considered panning, you’re just not getting background motion.

Oh, also this varies per airport but if you find that the light right before the plane lands allows you to be like ISO400 or less, you could definitely consider running 1/80 or even 1/100 for more security. But only if 1/60 is getting ISO400 or less, if it’s more just stay with 1/60.

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oh that’s right. thank you so much for your help bro on other forums i’ve been getting clowned on for not knowing much about night photography. really appreciate your help.

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No worries! Who’s clowning on you for simply asking a question? Stay off of there.

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yeah i will. thank you!

Couple more references if you want:

3 mins before sunset, f/5.6 1/40 ISO100 (1/60 ISO160 equivalent, if your light looks like this you can go to 1/100 no problem)

8 minutes after sunset, f/5.6 1/40 ISO500 (1/60 ISO800 equivalent, would stay with 1/60)

12 minutes after sunset, f/5.6 1/25 ISO640 (1/60 ISO1600 equivalent)

Light fades fast so hope for it arriving as early as possible.

so the darker, the lower iso and f stop?

Do you have those pictures post edited to show it cleaned up with increased exposure?

Darker outside = higher ISO (f stop should honestly remain unchanged it will probably be around 5.6 regardless of what you do).

I don’t but honestly what I can do with editing is not representative of what OP can expect. I’m running an a7iii which is one of the best low light cameras, anything up to like ISO12800 cleans up no problem. A D3400 won’t do that.

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alright thank you!

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Use this for a reference. It helps learn the settings.

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This was ISO3200, f5.6 and a 1/13 shutter… probably wouldn’t recommend these settings tho cuz its a pain to shoot handheld

(With a rubbish camera too, so gives you an idea of the results you could expect at those settings)


oh by the way, do you recommend I use burst, or no?