Camera glitch

I was simulating an overrun at lax and accidentally ended up on the shore. When i look at the aircraft with atc view, it shows that my plane is at a gate, but overhead view shows the correct view.

atc/tower view overhead view

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Thanks. Could also be because you were off the airport you may not have shown to begin with from ATC.

PS. I hope this was on Casual server.


I was in solo

Weird things happen in solo

Double tap centre of the screen to reset camera view.

In training server may aircraft just go in front of you if you’re almost at the runway because sometimes I.just see planes flying in front of others or just randomly go in front of others and sometimes ATC clears planes for take off while some are landing that end up that there is 3 planes on the runway and sometimes other planes that was at the runway after you for take off gets cleared for take off first im not complaining its just does ATC get updates of wich planes are next because I tune into approach for landing then they don’t respond these days so was just the new violations on the new update gonna be more stricter just to make it more easier and not make airports get out of control but I really enjoy the game and for all the effort you guys do its really awesome.

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