Camera Doesn't Move

Camera doesn’t move right-left-up-down.


You’ve got to be a lot more specific. What view are you in? What mode are you in (pilot or ATC)? What version do you have?

have you try to change camera view? its possible you’re in Left mode, where the camera angle are automatic.

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I have latest version of the app. And android 4.4.2
I have tried all views but doesn’t move. Tower and left mode already doesn’t move right-left I know this. Also I’m in pilot mode.

there is another thread about this. Mods please close

I have created other one on ‘Bugs’ category. Which one I should delete?

its up to you, i can change this one to bugs for you if you want

Where should this topic? I don’t know. İf you know, you can change…

done, moved because other people is experiencing this after new update! hope this gets solve before it releases on apple

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Thanks… I hope…

me too. i hope i did this right, first time