Camera doesn´t move

It look like it was looked,I have an lg g2 and in other device has the same problem (sony z3)

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This is an issue for me on


For the newest update

Its also a problem on the HTC One mini

Same here. LG glad 8.3 Android 4.4.2 seems like there is issues with KitKat in this update. 4.2.2 crashes

On which view? Post little more details. Maybe someone know the fix to this problem.

Camera only pinch zooms. No panning motion on any camera view. Tried different aircraft and regions. Reset device,Cleaned my display, Re installed the app. Turned it on and off again :p No change. I emailed David about it last night :p


Did you try double tabbing? In the old system if you tab it will fix to aircrafts and you can only zoom in and out. If you tab screen it will come out of fixed position then you can pan around.

Great idea ! I actually thought that might have worked. Just went and tried it still a no go.

Maybe it’s problem. Hope it get fixed soon.

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I have the same problem. BQ android 4.4.4

solved !!!

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How? When I emailed support they were looking into it

Believe in the force …

a new update dated November 5. simply enter play store and update