Camera Crew 🎥 || IF Olympics

Hey guys! With the announcment of the IFO, I am now going to make the camera crew team. These people will use freecam to record the action happening right before our eyes.


Must have Live+:
Must be at least Grade 3:
Must have fluent (non-laggy) recorders
Must have good editing skills
Must have a YouTube Channel
Must be able to multi-task

Can be on another Olympic team, but when needed, can come!

If you are interested, PM me, or respond here!

##Hosted by IFYT!


I’m interested. You don’t need to have a mac though right?

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I you know hommes is up for the challenge. I’m on the team and doing this.

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This is a great idea! There’s cameras EVERYWHERE in the Olympics. But I don’t think any members should be on a team.


Okay. Let me reiterate! You must have good editing skills, and screenplay cannot be laggy!

hmu im interested

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Not all teams compete at the same time …

List of Official Camera Crew:



Don’t worry boss. I’ll work it out.


Yes. If that team is competing, the other set of players will record! At least 2 cameras will be on!

I’m thinking of creating another rule.

At least player from each team participating, shall have a camera crew on set, this way, all action will be recorded. Like if you agree.

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  • Great idea, I like the sound of having a Camera Crew 👍
  • This is an okay idea, I wouldn’t mind having a Camera Crew 😐
  • This is a terrible idea, I do not like the sound of having a Camera Crew 👎

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Should we make the Olympics live, or as a replay? We do have pilots able to come in the airports, correct?

Live stream it on YouTube, so that it gets posted so that anyone can view it later on.

Yeah, I might do that.

Are you interested?

Can’t, don’t fulfill some of the requirements, just offering suggestions

I’m in using my personal channel

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Also I will take photos

Yep! The IF Olympic theme! (Lol I think)

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