Camera bug while touchdown

Hi guys! So I noticed something odd with the wing view while landing. It happened to me multiple times now with different planes. When the plane touches down the runway and I open the wing camera it glitches (picture above) and double tapping it doesn’t work until the plane slows down and reverse thrust stops.
Anyone else? Thanks in advance.

Take a look at this topic, I think it is the same problem. Do you have IF Assistant by any chance?


I have yes. Read the article (thank you btw) but i noticed that the issue is present with all planes, not only with the B737. It happened with the B777, MD-11 and more.

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Ok. Turn off Shaky Cam and try to reproduce the problem. Let me know If it persists.

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Got it thank you so much.

The reason why I reported it only with the B737 is because it has been the only airplane I flew with since the update at the time.

I wasn’t sure if it was present on other planes because I haven’t tried them after the update (I just love the B737 so much)

But according to your post, it is present with other airplanes as well so now I know :D

We’re you using IF Assistant?Because this happened to me once while using the app with IF

If you use IF assistant, then turn off the shaky cam then you are good.

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