Camera blacks out when changing graphic settings

Hey folks, just got back to my flight, and when I changed the graphic settings from low to high, the screen, with the exception of the UI controls, went black. Tried changing to medium and back to low settings, but issue persisted, as well as when I went to change camera angles (in screenshot, it is set to cockpit view). And before the minimods tell me to change the time to noon, it was set to noon.

Currently running iPadOS 15.1 and version 21.7 on my iPad Air 3. Happy to provide any additional information if needed.

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And have you tried changing this to night?

Jokes aside, this is probably one of the more bizarre issues, never had anything like this. Is this reproducible?

I’m not even sure how this happened…took off, climbed to cruise, set all my settings to low for performance, left the device for a few hours, and when I go back to change it back to high settings, it blacks out on me.

This is certainly a new one for me.

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