Camera automatic re-centering

Hi! I sometimes use the pilot POV to simulate what would it look like if I were a pilot. However, when I move my view around, it is difficult to re-center the HUD to the FPV, which is dangerous whenever I’m about to land. I would like to have a button that can re-center it, just like PC games where you can re-center the camera just by clicking a certain key on the keyboard.


Welcome to the community and double tap the center of your screen it’ll recenter


Also if you want to see something in infinite flight go to the features category

Hey brother, And welcome! This feature is already in game, As previously stated. Just press anywhere on the screen two times and you will be back into your original camera position, with this you HUD will also be visible properly.

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I know what you mean. I miss when aircraft POV’s wouldn’t point down. It would be nice if everything could face up like regular. It used to be that way some years ago but they took the feature away; the Dreamliners have it still but that’s it.

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edit: @nzras , Sorry about my overloaded reply below. You asked a straightforward good question, which @Justin_Betances answered clearly. My overloaded part below was best addressed generally and not to you (you never asked). The rationalization of the “tilt down” issue resurfaces some extensive prior discussions on that topic (the overloaded words get triggered). Again, apologies!
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Having the “double-tap” recenter position looking slightly down may seem counter-intuitive at first.

But it allows for a view that takes in the instrument panel in cockpit view in addition to forward view.

The fact that the external horizon doesn’t match up with the HUD’s artificial horizon, is the natural consequence of that.

And that shouldn’t cause a problem as long as you take all of your attitude orientation cues (pitch and bank angle) relative to the HUD’s horizon line (rather than the external horizon).

Let me state that more emphatically: the HUD’s artificial horizon line is the “gold standard” reference for attitude orientation. And this is true whether you’re looked off to the side and up or down, even at the same time.

As for the FPV in particular:

The FPV is showing the actual direction of your aircraft’s travel against the external view, so it must not pan in direction with the HUD’s attitude display features.

It helps a lot to practice flying while looking off in some fixed position to the side and up or down a bit, by focusing on what the decoupled HUD and the FPV considered separately are telling you.

Once the above is internalized, the cockpit view being angled slightly down likely will cease to be a concern.

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Thanks, guys! Appreciate all your answers. I didn’t know this feature exists. I learned something new today.

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