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how the heck do people get these cool camera angles? I can’t figure it out!

and if people are wondering, I pulled these screenshots off of google images.

While I found these photos on google images, it was just brought to my attention that these photos were taken by JT_Playz. I Apologize to JT_Playz for not giving him credit earlier. I didn’t know that these pics were his.


What I believe people do to get these angles is by going to the “Free Cam.” Just drag on your camera icon until you reach the free cam and then you can move around and change the angles.
If you drag around on the left side of the screen, that will move the camera location around. Moving the right side changes the angle.
I hope this helps! :)

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I’ve tried that, but I can never get it to work right.

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Hmm. Is there anything specific you’re trying to do, or just trying to get the free cam to work?

just trying to get the free cam to work. Because every time I get close to the plane, the cam goes all squirrly, and like flips out.

I believe that is a known issue, I don’t know if a fix is in the works. Sometimes the free cam does do that though. What I have found works to stop the “freaking out” is double tapping so then it focuses on a plane, and then double tapping again to get back to the free mode. If there are no other planes around, I have found that just double tapping it stops sometimes. If neither of those work, you could switch camera views and go back to the free cam and see if that fixes it.

got it, thanks. If anyone else has suggestions, please feel free to post them

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Make sure you aren’t double tapping on accident? That’ll automatically bring the plane to the center and can mess you up a bit, but not sure if thats the reason.

I also use free cam for these shots.

Edit: whoops, @MrMrMan said the same thing above

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Hey Charlie,

If you haven’t already, consider watching the tutorial Mark created a few years back. Its pretty helpful.


Oh wow, thanks! I didn’t realize that a video had been made for it.

If you have any questions I’m sure folks would be glad to help out. Just leave them on your topic as those questions arise. 🙂

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thanks for the help!

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And don’t be rude, these pictures are from @JT_Playz next time please credit the person who took the pictures 🙂

I didn’t realize that. I’m sorry. I genuinely just searched up “infinite flight plane interior pics” into google images, and they popped up. I’ll change it now.

No problem @Charlie_Boothe! And thank you for using my photos hahah! :)

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