Camera angles for hud veiw

the reason I want a Camera for Hud view is because the normal cockpit view is kinda dumb to me cause when I am on final and my shaky thumbs mess up the camera gose left or right and I can’t see and the hud view is nothing but well the hud

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ok how iv’e really never done it

You can turn on the big hud when you’re in the cockpit view by pressing the systems button(the one that has pushback and autostart). After you press that, you will see the button that says “HUD off”. After seeing that, you can change how you want your HUD in the cockpit.


I think that’s easier to do than trying to zoom in to the small HUD.

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Sorry about my post… Did not really get it

no its not that its the normal hud view

the one that can’t move and the normal cockpit view

the cockpits on the aircraft with glass cockpits are cool and all but the are not really good when landing

Ooh I get ya… would be useful too… pls edit this and post this at #features unless there is already a topic for this

So you want the HUD view to be able to move?

no I want their to be something their,the hud view its self is nothing but well hud and since their is nothing their its really boring

but the defult cockpit view is just weird like if you mess up at any point when on final or takeoff the camera will just dash left or right and you will be unable to see

You can’t post in #features yet until you’re TL2. You’re currently TL1.

There is nothing there to get a better view when landing or taking off. But I kind of know what you mean.

oof well ok then

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but still if they add a option to hud view to have the cockpit or not it would be realistic and actually good

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