Camera angle fix

Hey Community!
On these pictures down bellow you will see that on the Captain view the status bar is over the displays but on the First Officer View the Status bar is not over the Displays.

Captain View

First Officer View

  • Will this be fixed?
  • Will this be fixed on Future reworks?

Switch it to support so the devs can work out a fix for it

Ok. Thank you, BTW i thought that maybe do that but wasn’t sure.

The Captain view is the same as First Officer to me, both tilted down like your First Officer view

Which plane are you in?

No. Check one time more

I’ve checked it multiple times now :)

Edit: haven’t checked in the A321

I am in A321

Check the status bar

I can tell you that I have the same issue…
With the Captain view you have to adjust your angle to be able to see PFD clearly

This has been noted and will be addressed.


Ohh, Nice!