Cambodia Angkor Air Airbus A321

Link to picture/source

Credits to Ole Simon.

What is YOUR opinion?


Beautiful I have never seen this before!

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Looks amazing! Looks a bit like Thai Airlines.


I like Asian Airlines liveries. And the purple livery scheme 😊

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Please post link to picture.

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I did, but the System edited the post and removed the link. I’ll add it again.

Put the link in between ```s

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I’ve flown with them, a big YES from me!

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Bump. I bumped this up so that this topic gets some votes in the new feature. :-)

I would like this livery in IF but sadly I am not voting for this as I might run out of votes (My last vote)

this needs to be added! its such a great livery for a country we dont yet have a livery for yet!
Lets add it!


just wanna give a lil boost