Cam_Chorley’s ATC Tracking Thread - Status [CLOSED]

Hi all

Thought I’d make a tracking thread and see how it goes!

Have recently passed my IFATC written test (92%, not bad I guess!). I’m looking to book in my practical test but would love to have some experience similar to that when controlling the expert server. Training server seems to become crazy when holding an aircraft at a runway. They seem to get bored and enter runway anyway with no repercussions and it’s infuriating!

So I cordially invite you all to come over to BIKF for some inbound/outbound fun.

The Bits and Bobs

Airport: BIKF
Runways in use: Departures - R10 & R19, Arrivals R10
Server: Training

GA Permitted

Note: Please could we try and have some pattern work, and some departures in all directions.

Frequencies staffed will be Ground & Tower. Although if any IFATC want to jump on Approach or Departure this would help with handing over etc.

Please do leave me any feedback whether it’s good or bad! I’ll take it all on board.

Hoping to see a few of you there (don’t bombard me! 😂)

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Thanks to all the people below who showed up to help


Please @TheBest me next time! I hope to join. I’ll test you on PE, UWC, RWY Changes, Seq, etc!

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Thank you! Will get another one organised.



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@Cam_Chorley, sorry I couldn’t join earlier, but I can join now! Tell me the airport if you’re available.

I’ll jump on for 30 mins sure.

Alright, awesome! What airport?


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Can we switch to KLCK as it has two runways parallel, which is better.

Sure be 2 mins

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Sorry, I can’t go any faster, other wise I’ll get a vio.

😂 you’re fine

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What happened? It shows that you’re offline.

Feedback from N324

The transition was wrong: it should have been 3500 feet, because the airport elevation is 724 or smth, plus 2500 equals more than 3000, so round to 3500.

Rwy change was wrong: Should have been enter left downwind rwy 23L, not enter right downwind rwy 23R.

Everything else was great! Thanks!

My internet went down! Don’t worry about GA, thought you were testing me 😂

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I was going to a little later in the session, but then that happened, so…

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