Calvi [LFKC] - Circle to land 36

Calvi Approach - Circle to land Runway 36

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Hey everyone! In the following topic, I will be going over the circle to land procedure into runway 36 at Calvi. Calvi is a beautiful town located on the northwest coast of Corsica, a mountainous island in the Mediterranean. It is a popular tourist destination, home to one of Corsica’s four main airports. The airport itself is surrounded by intimidating terrain, only accommodating aircraft up to the A321. Calvi welcomes year-round flights from mainland France, an influx of seasonal carriers such as Volotea and Easyjet serving the destination during the summer months.

Standard Terminal Arrival Routes + Initial approach

The STAR itself is pretty straight forward, proceed from one of the 4 initial waypoints to waypoint ILBOU, which is also 10 miles out from CLI, the LOC DME for RWY 18. For guidance reading and implementing STARs, click here. Upon reaching ILBOU, pilots will be intercepting the localizer for runway 18.

In short, a localizer approach is like an ILS but without the glideslope. Instead, pilots use other aids to descend safely and land. For the time being, these type of approaches in Infinite Flight are depicted as ILS approaches and have a generated glide slope in-game.

Above is the localizer approach chart for runway 18. After having intercepted the localizer from ILBOU, pilots should follow it until D4.2 CLI , which is 4.2 miles out from the runway. Handily, this is represented by the waypoint 42DME in-game. As seen on the chart, I have circled 2 points in red, the first one being the ‘M’ located beneath D4.2. This shows that pilots would need to be at the MDA (Minimum decision altitude) upon reaching this waypoint. The box on the lower right-hand side of the chart contains the information for the ‘CIRCLE-TO-LAND RWY 36.’ It states the MDA to be 1700ft, 1490ft AGL. This tells us that for the circle to land, pilots will need to be at 1700ft when 4.2 miles out to correctly initiate this approach.

The visual approach

And now for the fun part. Upon reaching D4.2 CLI, turn right heading 190 degrees, maintaining an altitude of 1700ft. Once abeam the threshold (start of) runway 36, turn to a heading of 180 degrees. After turning, set your selected landing flaps and decrease speed to vapp , this is your final approach speed. Once abeam the quarry, which is decently visible, start your base turn and descent.

Please note that you can also use the 20-second reference, waiting 20 seconds before turning to 180 and turning base, if you are struggling to make visual contact with the quarry.

Be aware that it is a steep turn, you will be exceeding 20 degrees. Aim to be at 500 ft when aligning with the runway.

Additional notes

  • If you are not visual by D4.2 CLI, the MDA, commence a missed approach. The procedure can be found in the small white box, top left, in the visual approach chart. It can also be found on the loc approach chart.

  • If a go-around is initiated, please continue to the end of the runway before intercepting the same missed approach procedure listed above, initially heading directly to the CV NDB before turning to CALNO, as stated in the LFKC Airport Briefing.

  • I personally recommend watching the following informative video in order to familiarise yourself with the approach prior to flying it:

Radar Control @LFKC

It is possible for radar frequencies to be open at LFKC. Here is a little note on what to expect under IFATC control:

  • In case of the circle to land RWY 36 being in use, expect vectors to D4.2 CLI. Prior to this point, you will have been asked to ‘report airport in sight.’ After confirming visual contact with the airport, you will be cleared for the approach. At this point, pilots are expected to manually fly the approach entering, left downwind for 36 and appropriately coming into land.
  • In case of moderate traffic, pilots can expect a hold at waypoint ILBOU as depicted in the STAR chart
  • Vectors will be provided for all go around and missed approach aircraft
  • Departing aircraft should expect altitude restrictions when arriving traffic is moderate

Thank you very much for reading, I hope this will assist people on their flights to Calvi. Me and Danny hope to see you this Saturday!

Note: I, unfortunately, had to replace my annotated charts with some standard government ones. I hope that this topic will still be of good use. Apologies for the inconvenience, Dimitri.

Resource links:


Fantastic job, Dimitri! I may have to pop by on the 21st. 😉


Thanks Zach, much appreciated, hope to see you there!


Great post Dimitri, sounds like you have covered all the procedures well. @Captain_Zen and I had a great time at Calvi controlling radar a while back, good times. Enjoy your session!


Great tutorial, thanks. I did that once, but with little preparation… so ended up with a go around. Second time lucky, but having read this, I should be able to get it right everytime! 1😉

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One of my favourite airports ! Thanks !

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I tried doing this at night…lets just say that didn’t end well 😂


This airport is quite challenging… I would like to try it!!!

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Unfortunately I’ve also had to take out the visual approach chart as well due to copyright reasons, I have replaced this with a custom one I made myself. Apologies for another inconvenience,



LFKC/LFKB radar is currently open on expert for the new few hours, feel free to come along! Conditions are great to shoot the visual.


Just taken off from Caen airport heading to Calvi…Might go for the approach (im Air HOP 7652 btw)

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See you shortly! Feel free to request either runway! I recommend 36 😜

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Really recommend this approach. Very good controller and great tutorial! :)

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LFKC radar is now open for at least 3 hours, also providing services to the nearby LFKB. Runway 36 visual in use with 20 + knot winds, good luck to anyone who comes by.

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I believe you meant the 13th.
Nice guide, I’ll come by today :)

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Theres also a circle to land approach on runway 14 at Tivat. Its rarely done but pretty cool!

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That is correct, I’ve luckily been able to experience it in the real world. LYTV is definitely on my bucket-list for controlling radar at, from the offset localizer to the stunning terrain… perfection. I hope to see you there sometime! : )

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Yeah! I do it all the time! I did it in real life on easyJet but we did the runway 32 landing which is sill cool with the 20 degree turn. Glad that it’s recognised as this airport is beautiful!

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I tried this approach once.

You shouldn’t be able to if you don’t hear bank angle.
I could not.

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Can I entice you with some valley vectors from Bastia to Calvi Wesley?

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