Calum787's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Written Passed]

Hello IFC,

I’m currently trying to develop my ATC skills so I will be opening up ground and tower frequencies on TS. Please come along, do some patterns and feel free to give me any feedback that I could improve upon.

I’m currently at 761 ops.


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I will be around later if you are open then.

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@Patrick_McCormack When will you be around?

Now if that suits!

Open now at LFBO once again


I’ll come along to EHAM and do some pattern work?

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Sounds good

I’m KLM 660

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Open tower/ground in Mexico City - please come along and fly some patterns to give me feedback!

I´ll come by in 5 minutes.

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All was perfect for me! Very nice job.

Only remark is that you didn´t need to restrict me to exit to the right if there were exits to the left available.

Thanks for coming along, the feedback is really appreciated :)

No problem at all, feel free to reach out to me if you run into any questions.

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Hi all,

Open now in Bangkok on ground and tower - see you there

Open now in Istanbul using 34s/35s - ground and tower


I’m now open at Glasgow using runway 23. I have decided to open a single runway airport as of course not every airport has two.

@kieran464 @Patrick_McCormack

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i’d love to come but am doing a flight, sorry

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Closed now - thank you @Captain_Cign

Well done on 500 just a bit of feedback from me!

  • When I reauested a departure to the west you no longer need anything to do with me, thus you should have given me a frequency change as soon as I was out your airspace just keep that in mind.
  • When I announced missed approach you gave me a pattern entry this is not needed unless I change runway. Can I ask straight after that you gave me right traffic when left traffic was perfectly fine why? I could have stayed in the left pattern…
  • I then said on right downwind full stop however you gave me an after the option, it should have been a clear to land as you knew my intention.

All the rest was perfect.

Cign :)

I believe we sent the “full stop” and “Clear for the option” at the same time, thus explaining why I gave you an after the option.

I only changed you to right for a change of scenery 😂 apologies.

Thanks for the feedback

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