Calssing VA / VO

I was seeing on my community’s radar an aircraft that was not a commander of my community. I was outraged, because it is a very big bureaucracy to get a certification and simply reach someone and start flying with your community ID. In other words, we have to strive to have a good website, a good app, good intention, but anyone can invade your VA or VO community and there is nothing with an unknown pilot flying with what I struggled a lot to achieve. Unfortunately it’s a mere clowning with the face of the VA and VO leaders. I believe it’s time for developers to take a look at this.
It puts a lot of bureaucracy for the agent to get certification, and when the agent gets it, he gets frustrated in not having control over who uses his Callsing.

Unfortunately, someone using a callsign that has something to do with a VA that they aren’t in is not against any rules. We have people who aren’t in IFATC who use it all the time. It is what it is tbh. They aren’t bothering anyone.