Calm Stockholm To Smooth Helsinki

Short Summary:
Hello everyone. Just a couple of hours before had a good calm and cool flight from Stockholm to Helsinki using Finnair livery a350. Beautiful as a350 is, was so smooth throughout the course. Had a little delay during the approach as a little bit of traffic was there but still i nice experience to one of my many flights in Helsinki

Flight Information:
Departure Airport: Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA)
Arrival Airport: Helsinki Vantaa International Airport (EFHK)
Fleet & Livery: Finnair A350
Flight Time: 50 minutes
Username: mjmnmjmn
Call-sign: finnair 69
Cruising Altitude: 30000 feet
Cruising Speed: 0.85 mach


Number 1: Departure from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Beautiful takeoff from 19L going east towards Helsinki.

Number 2: Flying over Sweden. Man the A350 really looks wonderful.

Number 3: A smooth landing at Helsinki Vantaa Internation Airport on runway 22R.

Number 4: Spotting some aircrafts at distance beneth our Beauty while taxing to parking.

Number 5: Waiting for permission to cross runway 22L.

Number 6: Parked with another Finnair A350. Namaste Mate!!

Thank You Everyone for Stopping By…



Appreciate your effort put into this! Awesome shots! I especially like the second picture

thanks man also not many interesting location i had in the way but really awesome flight. All cool and calm.

Nice shots! Just one thing I noticed on the 4th image is that when holding short the whole aircraft must be before the hold short line, so next time you can improve that.


Heyyyy you changed your profile pic

It’s actually number 5

Nice shots there bud!

Yeah bro actually what happened was i was taxing at 20 kts and suddenly i asked for crossing runway way back and i was approved and at the end the ground person told me to hold as the aircraft on the runway started takeoff. I also thought for pushing my aircraft behind the line but another aircraft which landed after me was so near i didn’t wanted to collide with it. Nice noticing by the way buddy and i knew someone would comment on it lol.

Yeah nice noticing you as well buds.

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Thanks for coming my friend.

i thought your name i saw somewhere on reddit. Gotcha.

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Lovely shots!

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Thank you sir!! Appreciate…

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It is me lol 😂

Haha lol i will check from now

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