Calm Carbon! | A350-900 at Boston (KBOS) | Simple, Beautiful Pattern

Hello once again!

Decided to get some shots of the Airbus A350-900 factory carbon at Boston Intl, doing a simple pattern to the crosswind ILS Runway 33. Airport (KBOS).

Includes some daylight shots as well as some dawn… I think these turned out looking really nice! Didn’t have to do much editing to them either. Let me know what you think!

Our fearless pilots begin their walkaround of the A350.

WHY are they fearless, you say?

I’d like to say it’s because I’M the one flying… but we all know that’s not the case ;)

With their walkaround and pre-flight checks completed, it’s time to get this show on the road.

Our pilots align themselves to Runway 9, and begin their takeoff roll. What could go wrong?

Shortly after reaching their rotation speed, the F/O raises the nose,

and off they go.

“Positive rate.”
“Gear up!”
“Gear up.”

Onwards, into the pattern; a right downwind for the ILS runway 33 approach.

“Flaps 2.”
“Speed check… flaps 2.”

“Flaps 3!”
Speed check. Flaps 3."
“Gear down.”
“Gear… down. Checked, three green!”

“We got a bit of a crosswind here, Jenkins.”
“I betcha those tail camera views look cool!”
“Wouldn’t doubt it!”

GPWS: “1000”

“Flaps full.”
“Speed checked… flaps full.”

“You know, I don’t want to jinx it, but this dude is actually flying pretty well! We have great visibility, a manageable crosswind. At least it isnt night-”

“…You had to open your mouth, didn’t you, Jenkins.”

GPWS: “Minimums.”

GPWS: “50…40…”

“…30…20…retard, retard…10”

“Spoilers, reversers green!”

“Man, we look cool. Why weren’t you smiling?”
“You didn’t either!”

Aaanyways guys, thanks for checking this little flight of mine out! This was pretty fun to make, and I hope you enjoyed the views and 100% real, authenticated pilot commentary! ;)

Is this something you guys would like to see more of?
What plane should I do next?

Stay safe!



You’ve got some lovely shots there mate but you’re only allowed to have 10 pictures per topic, you’ll need to remove 5 of them or the topic will be closed. Also, you’re only allowed to post one topic in #screenshots-and-videos per day.

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Didn’t know that… Ignorance on my part I guess lol. Sorry.


What a beautiful screenshots, well done mate!

I hate to say but you still have 11 photos, need to quit 1

Stay safe!

He looks terrified at the fact of doing so in the cockpit lol


Thanks everyone for the feedback! I’ll definitely be doing more of these and making sure I follow all of the rules next time xD

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Keep that up, angles are absolutely stunning!

Qantas094 pointed out the rules so I won’t say much…

Love these pics, especially the last few… the comments are hilarious, keep that going. Hope to see more

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