@Callum_Brayshaw's ATC Training Thread YSSY [Closed]

Hey guys I will shortly be opening YSSY probably in like 5 mins or so thanks to everyone for waiting by the way all the feedback that you provide to me will become a guide to what I need to learn and what stuff that I just need to touch up on


Sorry, I can’t come ATM. Also, this should be in #atc :)

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That is fine just let me know when you are free to help with what I need to work on but thanks for letting me know anyway

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Hey guys so I have moved to YPPH

Looks good, @callum_brayshaw! I’ll be down there in about 25 minutes.

I have DM’d you my feedback

Are you still planning on coming to YMML if you are let me know when you are ready to do some patterns?

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Sorry, @Callum_Brayshaw. I was delayed at the supermarket. Ready now.

OK I am open now YMML @AussieAviation

@Callum_Brayshaw inbound emergency, Qantas 405, engine failure.

How did I go with atc and the controlling? @AussieAviation

OK guys I have opened up YSSY on TS1 come and give me feedback back on how my controlling skills are but thanks everyone for coming

Hey everyone I am going to wait until tomorrow to hop back onto ATC is there is isn’t many people that need controlling

@Callum_Brayshaw. Good job overall. Just one thing, when I said “inbound on the visual, 16”, and you cleared me for the option, you forgot to tell me to report the Airport in sight. Don’t worry, it’s just a small thing, but it can make it a little more realistic. Overall, you did a great job. Keep up the good work!

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Hey everyone I have opened Hilo come and do patterns

Everyone PHTO will be closing in 40 minutes

Actually everyone PHTO is closed until tomorrow afternoon as it is getting late

Hello everyone I have opened YSSY come and do patterns I will be open for a while

YSSY is now closed I will open again tomorrow sometime I will let everyone know like 1 hour before I start so then everyone will have enough time to plan there day out

Hey everyone I have opened YSSY on the TS server come and test my atc skills