Callum_Brayshaw’s ATC Tracking Thread Closed @YSSY

I can open now if you want to do patterns?

I am now open at YMML?

Well I was trying to stay open for longer but I was disconnected from ATC because I didn’t use a command in a while

For me to stay open I need people to come here

Hey everyone sorry but I need to go ready to go out so I will be closing YMML

You will only be disconnected from atc if you don’t answer someone’s messages.
I was open at Sydney this morning for 2 hours and my first person didn’t come until 45 mins in
You just need to be patient

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OK thanks for the information

Hey everyone I have just opened YSSY I will be here for a while


Ill come and do some patterns :)

Sure I will do it when I close YSSY

Ok I will be waiting

Yes I am on the ts server

Did not mean to disconnect, my internet went to Timbuktu, I will be back on in a few minuites

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How much longer are you going to be open… l can drop by in either a C208 or CTX for some patterns !!!

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I am going to be open for a while

OK…do you want me in a prop or jet !!!

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I will fly in from YSBK in a CTX…see you in about ten minutes !!!

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Roger see you then I will probably bring you in on runway 25 for patterns

Ok there where a few problems. Would you like me to post it on here or in a PM?

Could I get it on PM

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