Callum_Brayshaw’s ATC Tracking Thread Closed @YSSY

Hey guys Queenstown Airport is now open only come in aircraft not bigger than a A321 and a 737-800 DON’T come in a 777 or a 787 or a A380 as the airport is bulit for those type of aircraft

Give me feedback whdn you end your flight as every single peace of feedback is important as it allows me to learn and to fix my mistakes

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Hey are you still open? I’ll pop down!

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Yeah I am still open

Okay, heading down. Expect me in a few minutes!

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Changed the title for you. Just switch the last part to closed when you are finished.

…Tracking Thread - OPEN @ ICAO

…Tracking Thread - CLOSED

Next time you open, just post it here and change the title.

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Spawning in GA gate as an ACJ318

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I was the qf738 in front of you @Jacob_Sim

Everything looks good, I had to go sorry
You seem to have good knowledge of Queenstown unlike most other people
Keep up the good work 🙂👍


@Callum_Brayshaw am I showing up as NORDO? You’re not answering my commands…

I am coming back the game was lagging

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Hey guys sorry I had to end the atc controlling the gamd was lagging soo hard I could barely move the camera around

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Just go the “off”-camera and work with the radar screen.

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Ok but I use the camera to see where everyone is when they are requesting pushback so then no one runs into each other

Leave feedback as it is important to me to know what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong and what I need to touch up on

Hey everyone I will be opening up YMML come and do patterns

You closed? No atc there

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I can open another airport

There I am open at YAMB

Hey I have opened YAMB come and do patterns

Thanks to everyone who came that is it I have closed YAMB

You were open for 14 minutes?
If you want people to come, I’d recommend opening for longer
Just my opinion 🙃