Callum Brayshaw ATC Tracking Thread training for IFATC

TFFR is now open come now for atc session


Are you still doing it, if so I’ll come down

Oh wait I can’t I don’t have live damn it!

You need to issue a back taxi in the runway Since you just cleared me for takeoff I didn’t have enough runway and as you see I stalled out and crashed make sure you issue a back taxi!
If you don’t know what or how to do back taxi here is a tutorial

Good Day!

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I assure you that you will absolutely not pass the practical test based on your performance just now
Maybe consider contacting a trainer before contacting a recruiter?

You must work on pattern entry and sequencing. Like Tyler says, sequencing is your best friend. Also, how about actually clearing people to land/touch and go?

Yeah I stuffed up there

TFFR ATC is closed this will keep you updated on where I will be controlling

Ok everyone YSCB is closed now

Hey everyone I am opening up EGLL training for IFATC

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