Callsigns with name

So I have been at different airports and heard over the radio: " [name] [name] inbound for landing. It says their full name and not the phonetic alphabet version. I was wondering how they did this. I have no example cause I didnt worry about it at the time

You may have heard Moderators in the area. They have the ability to change their callsigns without limit.

Hello! Is their display name in purple?

I didnt look

One started with a t

Iā€™m asking because I need WEBER-1 and no phonetic alphabet because Weber is used irl for Air Choice 1

In the past it was possible to create names as callsign in IF. But because it got abused, this function was removed. Some veteran pilots, including a few moderators still have it, because they never changed their callsign.


Is that how @LaroseRoyce got his Callsign ā€œLas Vegasā€?

Which I must say is a pretty cool callsign to have ;)


He was one of those veterans.


@Captain_JR, @azeeuwnl explained it perfectly! šŸ‘†šŸ¼


I will admit it is easy to spot @LaroseRoyce while in flight.


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