Callsigns... What do I use?

On my profile, my Callsign is N219AJ, do I have to use that, or can I use a different callsign, like American 1234, N123AB, etc.?


You can use whatever you want to, as long as it’s appropriate.


He most likely meant the default callsign set by the app. Nothing is set as default in here :)


You can ammend you call sign in the settings page on the app. Most times if I am flying an actual airline route, either from my VA or other real life routes, I will use the real life call sign. If flying a GA aircraft then I will use a GA ( general Aviation) call sign like your pre-assigned one.

Happy landings and welcome to the world of Infinite Flight.


I know how to change it, but im asking if i have to use my N219AJ callsign.

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No it’s completely up to you on what you make it.
Just be aware of it as making it inappropriate will cause consequences. :)


I always use the callsign that matches the Airline that I fly but the flight number is usually my current UBER driver rating, so 4.91 is 4191

I fly RJs a lot lol. LYFT’nUBER is my " name", always

In that regard I love DELTA CONNECTION and DELTA. I would consider joining a VA in regards to DLVA but I’m a Lima like an animal, not a bean lol … I’m joking because the ATC VOICE calls Ls Lima as beans instead of the animal annouciation lol

So… I’ll NEVER EVER USE DLVA ,even if I did join the club … just can’t stand auto AI voice mispronousing L pheneticolly


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