Callsigns swapping

Hello! I’ve been a member of your live flights for quite some time and recently I’ve been getting into Air Traffic Controller, specifically ground. When ever someone requests a pushback they always use their callsign, and usually I go into the tower section to see if they are clear of any aircraft. Seems pretty normal but every now and then their callsign gets replaced with their General Aviation name for a few seconds, then back to the callsign. This can throw me off a lot and it would be great if you could add an option for other users only to turn the swapping off and be locked on the callsign. This so it could be easier for me and others in ATC. However I haven’t checked the settings so if there already is a feature such as this, please do say. (also I don’t know if creating a whole topic is necessary, I just couldn’t be bothered to find the support section) Thank You for your time.

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Check this feature request out: Turn Off Ability to Change Call Sign After Contacting Active Ground ATC


Just to make sure, are you referencing what both people said above, or when you are in the tower camera view looking at the open field. I’m assuming its the latter and has to do with the names switching above the aircraft correct?

From a players pov I sometimes forget to change my callsign before calling ground so sometimes we will change it to a more realistic callsign, however I can see the reasoning for the issue. Also welcome back to IFC!

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I agree it can throw you off sometimes .

Yes! This is very relatable for me, I have this issue all the time. However, I think creating a feature topic would be a bit much, as I believe this is something that can be integrated in the user’s settings, so any devolper, if you’re reading this, please consider the idea:)

That’s an amazing feature request you linked there :)

This is still an issue to this day with pilots changing their callsigns, sometimes several times while they are on the ground frequency. It’s a headache especially when utilizing the strip to manage your ground traffic while controlling.

Hopefully this is something that can be addressed by the devs. It would sure make controlling the ground frequency a lot more organized and easier to work with, especially when bizzy.


I think he’s referring to the callsign and display name, cycling in the camera view.

I agree, would be useful to switch off the display name when controlling, as you only really use the camera when controlling to locate someone, and check they are clear. Can always see their Display name in info if interested, albeit more likely to miss someone with inappropriate Display names.

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