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Hi IFC, I’ve been doing some research and have been trying to get my head around when it’s necessary to use the Callsign heavy or super. Heavy is used for wide body aircraft aircraft which has been assigned a MTOW of 136 tonnes or more (757s also uses the Callsign heavy, although it’s MTOW is less than 136 tonnes it has been known to affect other aircraft with its wake turbulence). Super is used for the A380 aircraft. I’ve read on certain topics that these call signs are used only in the US and are not required in other countries, though I’m unsure if this is correct. If you know the answer to weather these call signs are used solely in the US or not please let me know. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure that the US is the main (if not only country) to require this, but every country has their own rules.
Hopefully this helps with some of your questions:

(BTW that crash with the 757 involved, happened at SNA with the family that owned In N Out. Very sad)


Thanks for replying! I like to keep flights as realistic as possible so understanding that certain callsigns are generally required in the US alone helps. By the way, never I never knew the In N Out family was involved in that 757 accident, how sad.

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Not really applicable to IF but I think the Antonov 225 is the only other commercial aircraft to use super in its callsign, someone can correct me if I’m wrong :)

No problem!
And yes, it is very sad. They were only flying a few miles too, which is why they thought it would be okay, there is only one original family member left today. What happened can be seen why people like the President and Vice President don’t fly together (not really related to this thread, but interesting info imo)

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