Callsigns are un-numbered

If you look, there are Callsigns such as “Qantas Heavy” or “Speedbird super”. Exactly how do you get these?

BTW: Sorry if requested before

These are not unnumbered callsigns

These are actually indicative of the aircraft’s wake turbulence level

Heavy — 747, 757, 767, 777, etc…
Super — A388 only

Flight of 2 would be suitable for group flights (so of 2 means 2 planes in 1 group flight)

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I don’t get it

Check my edit

I saw it but usually it is like this:

Qantas 4 heavy

But the ones I said are:

Qantas heavy

Are you certain that is the callsign and not the user’s username?

Ues. I heard it on ATC

Palm Springs tower, Qantas heavy is 25NM to the east, inbound for landing.

Then it’s probably the old saying…

Old user, old callsign, before the update restricting words in the field

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That is a possibility.

Hope that helps! Old sayings are everywhere in this place 😂

I thought Heavy and Super have to do with weight.

Ah actually, it’s more of the wake turbulence, though the category is calculated using the MTOW of the aircraft… Imagine… Cessna 172 Super… 😂

When you change your call sign you can change it to the airline. Here is a picture of what im talking about if it dont get deleted before you see it. image

You can do a GA callsign with just a word and add heavy I think.

No spaces though unless you did it a long time ago:


I dodnt even think of that. I was just thinkin bout Qantas being an airline. Thank you

Old system yes

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