someone explain to me how this callsign works. Is he/she staff or something idk


A callsign can be whatever you want it to be. Whether it is a basic airline and flight number such as American 500 or the tail number such as N456WT or something else you want it to be. This person chose to have their callsign be their name but you can choose whatever you want your callsign to be

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I think he’s refering that how can he (JohnWest) write his callsign in lowercase


It’s highly likely he already had the callsign before the restrictions of lowercase on custom callsigns.

Here are 3 possibilities if you spot someone’s callsign in lowercase

  • He/She already had the callsign before the restriction was put into place
  • He/She is a moderator/staff
  • A moderator/staff changed his callsign into lowercases

I do not think it is staff since they would have a colored nametag. I may also be incorrect

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