Hello can anyone tell me how to make a general aviation callsign and have it say the actual word instead of the phonetic alphabet if someone can tell me that would be appreciated

There’s no way because that is how they do it in real life.

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Why do I hear custom names on live then?

If you go under the call sign, there is a menu which has the button “general aviation.”

Press that and edit it as you would in the commercial callsign page.

I know that but how do I get it to say the actual word

Go to the commercial callsigns page… you can’t make it say a word that you specify. Those, I believe, are created and used for and by staff members.

But I hear it all the time

In the older versions of Infinite Flight you were able to do so. However, it is not possible anymore. Only mods/staff and people who did not change their callsign since the (very) old version are able to do so (examples are DeerCrusher from one of the mods or LasVegas from @LaroseRoyce).


That’s because they’re using commercial callsigns (ex. United)

He means like for example in DeerCrusher’s callsing it doesn’t speed Delta Echo Echo… instead, it spells DeerCrusher.

I know that but I don’t know how to make it say it like that

I think this feature is exclusive to the mods and devs. At least I don’t know a was to let your callsign being read out.

The simple answer is that you can’t unless you’re a mod/staff member

Those are for use for, and only by staff members.

That feature is no longer available and you’ll just have to deal with the phonetic alphabet for now.

Oh ok I’ll keep trying thanks

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They did this so you don’t hear profanity on the intercom. Apparently, IF had problems with callsign with profanity, so they made like what it was like now.

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