What should I put my call sign as? (I honestly have no idea to what it should be right now.) XD

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Put it to anything you like. If you’re flying an American aircraft, you could put “American 1”, or “Speedbird 1” if you’re flying British Airways. You can change the number to whatever you want, those are just some suggestions.


Yea, I thought about putting it to American15 since I usually fly American Airlines…


I always use the Airline code (same as the aircraft that I am flying) followed by an appropriate number. If its a Wide body then I add the HEAVY suffix, if its an A380 then use the SUPER suffix.

By using the correct Callsigns REALLY helps the ATC guys when on Playground or Advanced server.


Some airlines use names such as “Speedbird” or “Springbok”. You can find those lists online.