Callsign with "Heavy" Or "super"

Hi guys… At First i Hope you will Understand my english, because im German and my english isnt good 🙈

I Read here 2-3 Post about “backtaxi” and “i have MTW - i Need backtaxi” Or i have a 388 with Minimum fuel, i dont Need backtaxi.

But The minimum of Pilots use “Heavy” Or “super” correctly… We, as (Expert-)ATC’s dont Know Your weight…
I would suggest to add

  1. a Tutorial WHEN Pilots use Heavy/super in The callsign correct.
    Or (what i prefer)
  2. a Feature what Automatic add it to your callsign if you have The weight for “Heavy” Or if you fly The 388 Or The 747-8 add The “super” callsign…

I dont Know,if it is “Funny” to fly a cessna 172 with callsign “XXxX123 Super”

What Do you think about it?

It make IF more realistic, because IRL all Planes MUST use Heavy/super in The callsigns if The Planes Are Heavy/super Planes.
The ATC’s knows if you Need to back Taxi Or Not.

Users can’t use The “Heavy/super” themself…


It annoys me when I see a C208 with ‘heavy’ on the callsign. I guess people can’t be bothered to change their names.

I think this is a good idea! :D


Maybe this will help