Callsign Update Error


I am trying to update my callsign, but it says ‘error updating callsign, try again later’. Any thoughts on what might be going on?


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Known bug my friend. Close the app and kill it in the app switcher. should be fixed

Am afraid that doesn’t cut it for me. I always kill it when I close, and this is a problem that persists over the sessions.

You can also change the call sign after you have appeared in an airport. Atleast it works for me.
Iphone 5s

I’m getting this problem too on my iPad. I’ve closed all apps and restarted my device and it still doesn’t work. I have to go on my phone to switch my callsign now.

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Try joining and then changing it once you have joined any server. Works for me.

Thanks, that seems to have solved It. By the way, are call signs really restricted to 8 letters?

Yes. They are now.