Callsign Selector does not appear.

I tried everything, I restarted my phone (Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra), I deleted the game then uploaded it again but nothing changed. I dont want to use the standard NNxxxx callsign. What should I do.

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This might not be related, but which Screen Zoom settings are you using?

Everything looks way smaller than on my S23 Ultra.
Even with Screen Zoom set to -2 and Font Size to smallest, it’s not as small as your screenshot is showing.

The screenshot you posted doesn’t seem to be from the S22 Ultra.

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Are you using Bluestacks by any chance?
This seems to be the exact same issue.

It would explain why your screen doesn’t look anything like mine.

Unfortunately BlueStacks, or any other emulator for that matter, is not supported at this time.
If it works, you’re lucky. If it doesn’t, there’s nothing to be done.

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