Callsign Selection for VA/VO

Since the 20.2 has been released and with the features of the new In Real Callsign system. I would like to share some ideas for the VA/VO Callsign which it might work in the future updates.


As you can see on the image, there is a Possibility to add another Row to select for VA/VO.

•VA/VO Code will be Max. 4 Characters. (Select or Fill up mode)

There are 2 options here for the VA/VO Callsign:

¤ First it can be fill up. The word “IF/VA” must be required if you want to fill up VA/VO.

¤Second it will be selected. It means you can select your respective VA/VO. (I know this needs to Finalized all VA/VO database).

•ID will be Max. 4-6 Characters (Depends on the IF Staff Team Decisions)

Feel Free to add / share your ideas regarding VA/VO callsign System.

Thanks. :-)

I think it would be cool. Are you talking about having your callsign be the actual VA though?

I don’t see this happening since callsigns just got updated (ussaly things don’t get updated until at least 3-4 cycles) and the devs have already added an easy way to select your VA in your profile.

Yes. It’s already updated. But it’s for in the future. That’s why I create this feature. Instead of selecting in IFC which some people having (more than 1 VA) stress free as like before

Edit. The purpose is also sharing ideas if there is some flaws on my idea.

Yeah. Like before, it’s an option using BAVA, DLVA, and etc.

The developers have mentioned that the system will evolve over time. Multiple ideas (including this one, multiple times) and feedback was given in a 540 reply long thread, and the developers are aware of your concerns and all feedback given has been taken into consideration for future updates. Please see the reply below for more information:

Interesting. This might be something to consider.

VAs can mitigate this by using the normal callsign and adding VA letters to it (for example “Speedbird 123VA” for BAVA). With VOs however, that can indeed become a problem. It’s complicated because if you just add them like you did situations where someone adds them just because might become a problem.

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I’m aware of it. There is nothing wrong on making a feature request either. The purpose of it is to share ideas.